New clearcoat for extraordinary results

A new MOBIHEL 2K HS 2:1 clear coat DH low VOC is now available for you. It is distinguished by its high elasti ...



We opened a new, modern Car refinishing coatings centre

In the new Car refinishing coatings centre in Količevo at Domžale we joined in four storeys on 2.400 square ...



New 2K HS 4:1 compactprimer WINTER low VOC and 2K hardner 750 W

The innovation, that comes from the programme MOBIHEL is 2K sealer for application at lower temperatures. M ...


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MOBIHEL - richer than fantasy


In Helios we have been marketing the programme of car refinishing coatings under the brand name Mobihel. The programme offers to final users the complete programme of products for personal and commercial vehicles (metal and plastic parts). At the moment we have been marketing Mobihel in more than 40 countries worldwide. We have adjusted product web to a broad spectrum of markets, which differ in development level and legislative regulationsand is composed of the following groups of products:


  • materials for protection of underbody;
  • cleaners (for solvent and HYDRO system);
  • putties;
  • 1K and 2K primers and fillers;
  • top enamels in ready made colour shades (base metalik, 2K acrylic, 1K alkyd);
  • top enamels MIX (HYDRO Base, Baza, 2K, 1K);
  • clearcoats;
  • coatings for plastic.


As we place a large share of sales to EU market, we placed in the year 2006 to the marketnew low VOC compliant programme, which fully complies to the norms of the directive 42/2004 and assures long-term success and satisfaction of our buyers. In our company we follow development trends and supplement sales programme with new products, paralelly we have been developing own formulations for new colour shades of car paints.


We devote much attenton to training and qualification of varnishers and buyers, performed by our technicians and technicians of our general representatives. Both make use of Helios's own training centres (Slovenia, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary) and training centers of our importers (Germany, Ukraine, England, Spain …).


Besides the products and commercial-technical service we offer to users and varnishers also own mixing units, accompanying equipment and wide selection of consumption materials under brand name Radex.