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Surface cleaning

Before painting it is obligatory necessary to remove all impurities, such as: sand rests, salt from water and sand paper, excess of sealing compounds in case of additional sealing or protection, salts, grease from hands, all rests (also in traces) of different silicone materials, if they were used etc.

We get very good results in doing away all sort of dirt with MOBIHEL Antisilicone cleaner low VOC or MOBIHEL HYDRO Degreaser. You apply cleaner to surface with paper towel or clean cloth, which leaves no threads. Then wipe surface with dry cloth or paper towel.In case you only applied cleaner and did not wipe it, spots may be telegraphed on top coat of MOBIHEL HYDRO Base MIX.
The surface should be completely clean and dry, as in the opposite case numerous defects may appear: craters, blisters or paint cracking. Doing away these defects is difficult and requires complete sanding of surface and repeated painting.

With MOBIHEL HYDRO Cleaner you clean surface before each painting phase.
Only in case of puttied surfaces, we do not use the cleaner as we would bring humidity in a putty, the consequences would be blisters, which appear already in a filler, most frequently in top coat.
Also in case of two coat painting with MOBIHEL HYDRO Base MIX prior to application of MOBIHEL 2K HS 2:1 clearcoat low VOC you wipe only with sticky cloth.