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We present on web site general information on the company HELIOS Domžale, d.o.o., its affiliated companies, business operations and products.

Please read precisely this information, which refers to everyone, who reads this web site. By using web site the user confirms, that he accepted the conditions described and agrees with them.

Helios TBLUS General Terms and Conditions

Legal information of web site

All rights are reserved. The information refers to starting page and sub-pages of web site All information and materials (in writing and picture) on web address are in legally allowed frame subject of author's protection or other form of protection of intelectual property of the company HELIOS Domžale, d.o.o., affiliated companies, the contents of which are included into

The user may use contents on web site exclusively for his personal, not commercial use. Any other form of use of contents from web site for commercial purpose is prohibited.

Limitation of use of information and materials

All information and materials (in writng and picture) published on web site, may be reproduced only for non-commercial purposes, all stated warnings on author's or other rights must be kept. Information and materials, published on this web site should not be re-written, photocopied or otherwise extended in commercial purposes without explicit written consent of the company HELIOS Domžale, d.o.o. On each reproduction the mark HELIOS should be used, in accordance with the rules on complete corporate identity – all rights reserved.

The web site contains also information of third parties and connections with web sites of third parties, yet the company HELIOS Domžale, d. d. is not responsible for its contents. While visiting and using connected web sites the responsibility of the company HELIOS Domžale, d.o.o., is excluded for all cases.

The company HELIOS Domžale, d.o.o., may any time change this legal information and it is binding for users in any time changed form, therefore we recommend that in case of use you follow them on web site By using these pages you confirmed that you agree with our conditions.

The use of web site contrary to stated rules is prohibited. The user who uses web site in the way contrary to stated rules shall be fully responsible for all damages.

Limitation of responsibility

All information and materials at are informative. The company HELIOS Domžale, d.o.o., makes efforts for correctness, up-dated and full data at web site, yet can not guarantee for their exactness and full version and and takes over no responsibility. The users use its contents to own responsibility. Neither the company HELIOS Domžale, d.o.o., nor any other legal or natural person who cooperated in production of or still cooperates in up-dates is responsible for any damage, originating from access to, use or non possibility to use information on this web site or any error or deficiency in its use.

The company HELIOS Domžale d.o.o. also can not be responsible for damages (including those, caused by virus) of computers, mobile phones or any other application, by which it is possible to access to web site, due to user's visit of site or any use. The company HELIOS Domžale, d.o.o., is not responsible for any damage of any kind due to use or non possibility of use of web site

The company HELIOS Domžale, d.o.o., reserves the right to change contents of web site anytime, anyway and irrespective of reason without prior information and does not accpet any responsibility for any consequences of such changes.

Protection of personal data

When you browse at web site, you are anonymous. We do not collect personal data. At some columns of web site it may happen that you will – due to correspondence, registration, purchase or co-operation in web researches let us know free your personal data, such as name, e-mail address. The company HELIOS Domžale, d.o.o., guarantees to keep personal data confidential in accordance with stipulations of valid legislation.