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We opened a new, modern Car refinishing coatings centre

In the new Car refinishing coatings centre in Količevo at Domžale we joined in four storeys on 2.400 square ...



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We opened a new, modern Car refinishing coatings centre

In the new Car refinishing coatings centre in Količevo at Domžale we joined in four storeys on 2.400 square meters of net usable surfaces the development, sales and educational capacities of car refinishing coatings programme.

Mobihel Helios

Mobihel Helios

Mobihel Helios

The programme of Car refinishing coatings is among the largest and strategically most promising programmes in the company Helios TBLUS and Helios Group, therefore we all the time generously support, develop and invest in it. In the spirit of the current progress and competitive business operations we closely follow development trends and constantly update sales programme with new products.

Accordingly, we are developing also formulations for new colour shades of car refinishing coatings, thus independently competing to other producers. We market car refinishing coatings within brands Mobihel, Mobifleet, Colomix and Radex. MOBIHEL is a brand with a large and deep selection of high quality products to a demanding varnisher for the complete refinishing of personal cars. The products MOBIFLEET represent a universal solution for refinishing of commercial transport (trucks, buses, wagons etc.). COLOMIX is a brand of car refinishing coatings with an important market share on the markets of the former Soviet Union. Its advantages are sub-materials and ready made colour shades of car lacquers. In the frame of brand RADEX we can offer to our buyers a wide selection of professional materials for varnisher's works and equipment.

In 2010 a car refinishing programme represented a fifth of the realized sales in value in Helios TBLUS, in the complete Helios Group 13 % of the realized sales in value.

»It is the vision of Helios Group to be ranked among the first ten leading producers of paints and lacquers in Europe and a new car refinishing center is definitely a step further to this goal« said Mr. Uroš Slavinec, president of Management board Helios Domžale, d.d., at the opening of the Car refinishing center at Količevo and added: »The strategy of car refinishing coatings is based on the successful penetration to some remaining markets of the European Union, where we are not present, on successful maintenance of the leading market positions on approx. 15 markets of the Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe and continuation of portfolio extension of markets outside the European continent. In order to achieve the stated objections we established in 2010 a new company in Turkey, which will in the first phase market our car refinishing coatings. We estimate that due to high technological equipment and other excellent working conditions we shall be still essentially more intensive in development of products, manufacture of formulations for car colour shades and training of end users of car refinishing coatings. Thus we plan that this year we shall realize around 10 % higher sales than in the last year.«

At the same time we shall with the development vision by means of investment into a car refinishing coating center satisfy also the environmental legislation of EU 2004/42/CE, that requires for car refinishing coatings of this type the content of organic solvents under 420 g/l, which is impossible with the currently used binders, whereas the water-based products enable it.

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