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MOBIHEL PE putty for plastics


Two-component polyester levelling out mass with a relatively coarse structure, good elasticity and sand-blasting to even out irregularities on plastic parts - bumpers, mirror covers, rails... It is not porous (it does not cause holes after sand-blasting) and will not be reduced with time.


Clean plastics thoroughly with MOBIHEL Cleaner for plastics low VOC and spray MOBIHEL Primer for plastics low VOC.

Colour shade:


Pot life:
4 – 6 minutes / 20 °C


20 – 30 minutes / 20 °C

5 minutes

P150 – P220

Further treatment:
- all 2K fillers from programme MOBIHEL

EU limit value VOC for this type of products (category II B (b) in form ready for application is 250 g/l.
VOC of this product ready for use is 170 g/l.

18 months