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MOBIHEL Car enamel MIX


The prepared MOBIHEL car enamel MIX will be used for for final painting of personal and other vehicles as well as for other metal objects. The adequate colour shade of MOBIHEL car enamel MIX we choose by means of MOBIHEL colour card or tinting on colour substrate. The basis is the mixing unit, supported with MOBIHEL computer weighing programme.
MIX are without siccative, therefore always 5 % of MOBIHEL Siccative to complete car enamel quantity will be added. MIX-1, MIX-2, MIX- 8, MIX-11 and MIX-12 may be after addition of 5 % MOBIHEL Siccative used also as independent coatings. MIX-3, MIX-4, MIX-9, MIX-10, MIX-17 and MIX-24 may be used only in combination with preceding ones, as they do not have a sufficient hiding power.


- sheet metal protected with MOBIHEL Primer low VOC and NC sealer or
- sheet metal protected with MOBIHEL 2K filler 3:1 universal low VOC or
- sheet metal protected with MOBIHEL 2K HS 4:1 compactprimer low VOC

MIX-1 white
MIX-2 orange
MIX-3 blue
MIX-4 violet
MIX-8 ochre
MIX-9 yellow
MIX-10 green
MIX-11 black
MIX-12 oxide red
MIX-17 bordeaux
MIX-24 red

Mixure ratio 100:5

MOBIHEL Siccative
5 % on final enamel quantity

18 – 20 sek.
DIN 53211 Φ 4 mm / 20 °C
MOBIHEL ISO hardener (cca. 20 %) or
MOBIHEL ZS thinner (cca. 20 %)

The paint colour should be applied on to a piece of test cardboard to assess its suitability prior to application on the object.

1,3 – 1,4 mm
2 – 4 bar
3x = cca. 50 µm

10 min. / 20 °C
between coats

MOBIHEL ISO hardener:
20 °C = 10 hours
60 °C = 45 minutes

MOBIHEL ZS thinner
20 °C = 16 hours
60 °C = 60 minutes

4 years