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In the system with MOBIHEL 2K HS 2:1 clearcoat low VOC, MOBIHEL HYDRO Base will be used for final painting of personal and other vehicles. You find the desired colour shade in MOBIHELweighing programme or choose it with MOBIHEL Color box. If you have a computer connected with scales, you will quickly and precisely weigh the suitable colour shade. The mixing unit, on which you mix mixing enamels MIX-es, guarantees the homogenity of enamels, which is the condition for preciseness of colour shade.
The mixing system MOBIHEL HYDRO Base MIX comprises 63 mixing enamels.


- sheet metal protected with MOBIHEL 2K filler 3:1 universal low VOC or
- sheet metal protected with MOBIHEL 2K HS 4:1 compactprimer low VOC

Optimal application conditions:

Temperature of air: 20 - 25°C; relative humidity: 40 – 60%;
Air flow in spraying cabin min. 25.000 m3/h.


The shade and brilliance of metallic effect are the function of manner of spraying, working viscosity, setting of spray gun flow rate, pressure setting, guiding of a spray gun etc. At partial area coating we recommend adequate parameter settings in advance to achieve the desired colour shade. At the partial painting we recommend fade-out technique.


MOBIHEL computer weighing programme

- 30 colour MIX-es
- 9 aluminium MIX-es
- 15 pearl – effective MIX-es
- 6 brilliant pearl – effective MIX-es
- 2 flop additive
- 1 additive for three-layer painting


25 - 28 sec.
DIN 53211 Φ 4mm/ 20°C
MOBIHEL HYDRO Thinner (approx.10%)



1,3 mm
2 bar (HVLP)
1 – 2 steps = 15 - 20 µm

20 – 30 minutes /20°C
Time may be reduced with the use of ventilator or IR heaters

Further treatment:
MOBIHEL 2K HS 2:1 clearcoat low VOC

EU limit value VOC for this type of products (category II B (d)) in the form, ready for application is 420 g/l. VOC of this product ready for use is 410 g/l.

2 years in the originally closed packaging, 6 months in the packaging on the mixing unit.